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How Do You Edit an SOP?

Writing the right statement of purpose is an art. In this paper, in a very concise form, an applicant needs to:

  • Disclose their educational and professional background.
  • Show the goals that they want to achieve by participating in the proposed program.
  • Explain their choice of program or educational institution.

The text should look sincere and demonstrate the applicant’s ability to actively construct their future.

Crucial Role of SOP in the Application Process

Based on the statement of purpose, the selection committee evaluates whether the applicant really understands what they will be able to get from the program and whether they will invest enough diligence in training or work to use the acquired skills later. Therefore, writing and editing a statement of purpose should be approached very responsibly and carefully. To assess how convincingly you were able to present your arguments, it is better to delegate the task of editing to professionals from the SOP editing service. They will not only point out possible weaknesses in the text but also bring it to perfection.

How SOPs Are Edited on the EssayEdge Platform

By submitting their statements of purpose for review to the EssayEdge platform, applicants receive the necessary amount of assistance. It will be individual in each case, depending on the degree of readiness of the paper:

  • Sometimes, you just need proofreading.
  • Often, more comprehensive editing is required, with attention to structure, tone of writing, use of terms, etc.
  • If desired, editors accompany the entire process of writing an SOP, from brainstorming to the final formatting of the text.

The Procedure of Editing Statement of Purpose

  • The selection of an editor to work on the SOP takes place in accordance with the discipline that is targeted by the applicant.
  • Before starting work, the editor carefully studies the requirements of the customer and the university where the studying is supposed to take place.
  • The length of the text, terms, and other details are taken into account. After the SOP is ready, it is once again checked for originality to make sure that the changes made did not affect it in any way.
  • The client receives the finished text but may ask the editor to make some additional changes if something does not suit them.

How You Can Edit Your Own SOP

You can try yourself as an editor too. It is important to know the sequence of actions to do all the work as efficiently as possible:

  • First, you need to distance yourself from the text. Set the paper aside for a while, preferably at least 12 hours.
  • When you return to it, read it aloud and try to feel the tone of the story. Is it too harsh and pretentious, formal and boring, or careless and frivolous?
  • Examine the structure of the document: are all the constituent parts taken into account?
  • Check the logic of the story.
  • After all this work is done, you can start proofreading. Check the text for all kinds of errors and typos and format it.

If you like this job, you can also become an editor and join the friendly EssayEdge team one day. And if it seems tedious and boring, it’s better to delegate editing to those who get the joy of working with texts and helping applicants to enroll in educational programs.

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