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How to Become a Recruiter?

In today’s fast-changing world where employees change their jobs regularly, recruiting becomes more and more important for businesses. So, the market needs more recruiting professionals. This job is not for everyone – it requires skills in communication, analytical skills, and a good understanding of the industry you want to work in. If you want to become a recruiter, here are some tips about how to succeed in this intention.

Learn to become a professional 

Work in every field starts from learning. There are many books, articles, and video blogs about recruiting. You can read these materials and follow recruiting blogs on social media to stay informed about the basics of the profession and the new trends in it. The more you learn – the better. There are also professional courses in recruiting that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. You can sign up for such courses either online or offline and receive a document about being qualified to work as a recruiter after successfully passing the exams. Although the Internet is filled with free information about recruiting, you should still consider paid courses to learn easier and faster. Keep in mind that the recruiting profession requires constant learning of new techniques and tools.

Find your first job

Don’t delay – start looking for your first job as soon as possible. Of course, at the beginning of your path, you will be offered a job as an assistant or a sourcer which is not well paid. Nevertheless, you will gain valuable experience that will allow you to develop your professional skills. Try to understand what your employers expect from you as a recruiter professional. Analyze job descriptions and requirements to learn what skills you need to develop. Avoid unreliable companies with negative reviews or legal problems in order to maintain your good reputation in the field of recruitment.

Communicate with experienced colleagues

In order to develop your recruitment skills, you can also communicate with your colleagues to get some valuable insights about recruitment, hiring, candidate selection, interviews, database creation, etc. Ask questions if you don’t understand something. Real-life experience of others is definitely a good source of learning recruitment basics. Also, the advice of colleagues will help you to overcome the problems you will face at the beginning of your path as a recruiter. 

Create your own database of professionals

A contact list is one of the most valuable resources of a recruiter. The more contacts – the better. A good database takes years of work. To create it, you will need to collect contacts and portfolios of all the professionals you have worked with even if they are not looking for a job right now. Indeed, as was mentioned above, nowadays people often change their jobs, so you will probably work with one employee multiple times. A good database also requires work in social media. You should join various communities and connect with employees on social media. In addition, it is important to communicate offline, for example, visiting events, conferences, etc. Increase the number of your connections and you will become a successful recruiter.

Use recruiting automation tools


Learning new tools is also highly important in recruitment. In particular, don’t neglect the recruiting automation software that will allow you to optimize your work and avoid spending excessive time and effort on day-to-day tasks. Use messengers, planning tools, databases, automated job postings, resume screening tools, etc. By doing so, you will scale up the processes of hiring, selection, interviewing, job posting, etc. For example, with the use of ATS, you can add candidates from LinkedIn, e-mail, or job search websites to your database in one click, filter suitable candidates from your database on the basis of the set of criteria you need, create templates for letters to candidates, save time with the CV parsing technology, and become more efficient in many other tasks. Recruiting automation indeed helps to achieve good results in recruiting in a short period of time. 


As you see, recruiting is a very interesting field of work that requires constant self-development. Naturally, this list of tips on how to become a recruiter is not exclusive, however, they will definitely help you to succeed in this profession.

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