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Why Sajid Javid – Pusher of Vaccine Mandates and Lockdowns – Must Not Be Prime Minister

I’m not afraid to admit that the most fascinating and practically relevant part of my training at University was the dissection of the human body in anatomy classes. These days I can only attempt to dissect human psychology with a sceptical pen as scalpel. But in Sajid Javid’s resignation speech I have found a reborn but sorry passion.

Early in the speech, Mr. Javid states three times that he is not a quitter. So why now? Is it because he is not, in the grand scheme of things, really quitting but seeking his own personal ascendancy to power?

“Today is about the importance of integrity.” Interesting!

He goes on to say: “We’ve seen in great democracies what happens when divisions are entrenched, not bridged. We cannot allow that to happen here – we must bring the country together as One Nation.”

Is that the democracy that coerces its citizens into unnecessary medical interventions and pits those that have complied with the Government’s orders against those who have exercised their right to bodily autonomy? Mr. Javid’s critics have been vocal this week, reminding us all that as Health Secretary he pushed for vaccine mandates for employees during the winter as well as a Christmas lockdown. Does that really help bring the country together and what sort of democracy is that – is it what you call “great” or, in fact, no democracy at all?

“And Mr. Speaker, I will never risk losing my integrity,” he adds.

“Nothing matters more than the health of our people – especially during and in a pandemic.”

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