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What Is The Best Way To Add Text To Photo?

We’ve all heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”; however, is this still true in this digital age? 

At the turn of the century, several experts put forward the notion that the internet was becoming oversaturated with text – in the form of online message boards, countless blog posts, and articles that were regurgitating content in an endless cycle. 

Text still makes up a large part of the internet, it is a constant that will always be present; however, image-based content has also been pushed to the forefront as well, especially with the popularization of social media platforms. 

A Picture Is No Longer Worth A Thousand Words

Although it is true that at some points in history, even the simplest of pictures were truly “worth a thousand words”, as the decades of this digital era have gone by, an oversaturation of image-based content has occurred. 

As a result, a simple image is no longer as attention-grabbing as it used to be – one could say that the value of an image has depreciated from “a thousand words”. To make up for this deficiency and truly grab the attention of their audience, many brands are now exploring ways by which they can add text to photo and digital art. 

The precedent for the potential success of this type of content has already been established, as we have all probably already seen how popular meme-based content has become on virtually all social media platforms. However, the way that the average social media user adds text to their images to create their meme-based content is likely not going to be acceptable for a business that wants to properly represent its brand in an eye-catching yet professional manner. 

This is where the use of a specialized app comes into play.

How To Choose The Best App To Add Text To Photo

Before you choose an app to add text to photo, you should ask yourself a few questions and then see which program best meets your needs.

What Type Of Device Do I Want To Use The App On?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself because it will narrow down your search quite a bit – some apps just aren’t available on certain devices. 

Most businesses will outright prefer (or are at least okay with) using an app that has been developed with computers in mind. However, on the other hand, the needs of personal users may vary wildly – some might want to edit photos on their phone while others may prefer using a computer. 

Generally speaking, apps that are available on computers usually have more diverse options and are capable of handling larger workloads.

What Skill Level Does The App Cater To?

Just because your friend, who is a professional graphic designer, recommends their favorite photo editing app to you, that doesn’t mean that it is going to be the right fit for your needs. 

Some apps are explicitly built with experts – like professional graphic designers – in mind. So, as a result, although they do offer a great deal of freedom and have complex options, it is hard for the average person to grasp how they work at first glance.

However, if you choose to use apps that are wholly dedicated to being beginner-friendly, you will often find that they lack certain key features or don’t offer a lot of freedom when it comes to their design options. 

The best apps that can add text to photos are the ones that are capable of accommodating a wide range of skill levels. An app such as this would include basic features that virtually anyone can utilize without any hassle, while also having complex options and a high level of freedom that even experts can appreciate. 

What Do You Want Your End Result To Look Like?

If you just want to crudely slap some text on a photo and call it a day, then a program like Microsoft Paint might be the perfect choice for you. Although that might be good enough for a random meme maker on social media, that should never be the way that you represent your brand. 

So, take a look at your desires and try your best to figure out what features an app would need to meet them. 

Will your images need to have text that is rotated? Do you want to alter the size of certain words to convey emphasis or importance? Is a solid color okay for your text or will you use a gradient or a pattern that suits your message or corresponds with your brand? Will you need to add any special effects to your text, such as a drop shadow or a background glow?

Your answers to questions like these should help you to narrow down your choices of apps that can add text to photos and help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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