Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 July 2022

Nature Has Provided the Perfect Air Filtration System and Face Masks Render It Ineffective

Mask Usefulness Myth: Nature has already given us an air filtration system that is optimised for our bodies and for respiration. Fooling around with it is lunacy.  And the only masks we should be wearing, particularly kids, are for Carnaval or Halloween!

The mask narrative is taking off again in many geographies. Given how coordinated it is in the media, one doesn’t need to be a “conspiracy theorist” to see it is being orchestrated and timed by a dark force, either influencing public health authorities or within public health leadership, possibly a combination of both.

Is it political? Is it a collective dystopia? Is it corruption? It doesn’t really matter … it’s a dark force not bringing positive to our world. We need to fight it with all our soul as ultimately it is uselessly destroying the fabric of our community and – more importantly – our children’s health – mental and physical – and development.

What still amazes me is that a population would continue to actually believe the mask narrative.

One can understand that people would trust their doctors on vaccine-induced immunity versus natural immunity (Natural immunity is much better!). Immunity is a complex topic, not easily accessible, and prevalent but invisible. But it is utterly incomprehensible that people continue to believe that masks work, notably simply given that:

  • masks haven’t stopped the pandemic at any moment in time during this pandemic
  • they experience the flow in and out, and are fully aware that the virus can come in and out on the sides
  • the discomfort for the vast majority of the population who are absolutely not at risk is an enormous toll on society, and on children in particular

All the signs are there that masks are ineffective, and that they are possibly unhealthy: headaches, rashes…and continued infections.

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