Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 July 2022

Lunatic Dan Andrews: Victoria bosses can check vaccination status. Hey, Aussies, how long are you going to let this monumental moron dictate your lives? Self-respect, anyone?

Bosses will soon be able to check if their workers are vaccinated against Covid with the unprecedented new laws raising concerns about medical privacy.

The impending legislation brought in by Daniel Andrews‘ government will give Victorian employers the power to request the vaccination status of their employees in the name of pandemic safety.

The laws are designed to help private businesses dictate which containment measures are needed to reduce the spread of Covid in their workplace.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has urged businesses to make their own decisions on enforcing measures based on internal risk assessments.

It comes as the Premier on Tuesday once against extended Victoria’s pandemic ‘state of emergency’ powers for another three months, after the declaration was due to expire on July 12.

The premier said he was satisfied there continued to be a serious risk to public health throughout the state, in an official statement.

He added that this justified the ongoing public health measures to reduce the risk of transmission and hospitalisation.

The declaration has been extended to at least October 12, with the state’s chief health officer to provide an update at the end of winter.

Mr Sutton and Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas will advise the premier whether the virus still poses a ‘serious risk’ to public health.

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