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How to Get Scholarships for International Students 2023 in the UK?

The number of overseas students seeking to study at British universities has surged in recent years, and more is yet to come – the latest figures show. Yet those looking to embark on their study adventure in the UK often struggle to find the best scholarships for international students. If you’re feeling the same, worry no more; you’ve come to the right place. There are over 1500 international scholarships available for 2022-2023 to help you fulfill your study dreams.


Take a look at our comprehensive guide for finding the best international scholarships to study in the UK and get your application in quickly!


UK Government Scholarships

The UK government offers a wealth of scholarships, grants, bursaries, and other types of financial aid for overseas students. To find out what scholarship you’re eligible for, visit the UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) website which offers one-of-a-kind guidance and support to international students.


Many colleges offer their own financial assistance based on your academic merit and financial needs; so you should invest sufficient time researching university websites to see more information. The best strategy is to choose several most suitable options, understand the values and expectations of each college, and tailor your application to suit their specific needs. Frequently, you can receive both university and government scholarships.

Global Scholarship Programs

The UK government offers some of the best global scholarship programs for Master’s students. You might have heard of Chevening Scholarships- a dream of hundreds of students worldwide- which covers tuition fees, living expenses, and even airplane tickets for one academic year.


If you’re looking to participate in this prestigious program, be sure to brush up on your academic skills first. Essays are a vital component of the application, so consult essay writer review and other expert writing assistants that can help you come up with a stellar application essay that will win the hearts of the selection committee.


Commonwealth Scholarships

Funded by the Department for International Development, Commonwealth Scholarships are a generous scheme of UK scholarships for overseas students jointly administered by 53 nations. Yet these scholarships are reserved for students of Commonwealth countries who wish to study in the UK. Aiming to support future leaders and innovators, the selection committee annually grants 800 students a chance to pursue their studies in UK’s leading universities.


Browse Country-Specific Grants

More and more universities offer country-specific scholarships to support students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. There are abundant official sites that you can browse to check out country-specific scholarships, see what requirements you meet and try out different options.


If you are eligible for country-specific scholarships, be sure to outline the difficulties you’re facing in your home country and make a strong case for yourself as a deserving individual who can thrive in today’s world if given the opportunity to study abroad. If you’ve used online educational platforms to hone valuable skills that your high school failed to provide, inform the selection committee about it- everyone values perseverance in the face of hardships.


Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect international scholarship for studying in the UK is no easy task. It takes much time and effort to research all available options and prepare to ace the application process. And when it comes to applying for prestigious UK scholarships, the competition is fierce. You need to have a stellar academic history, relevant skills and demonstrated passion for becoming an innovator of the future.



Joanne Elliot is a student advisor and blogger. Over the course of a decade, Joanne has helped hundreds of students overcome their psychological distress and flourish at college. In her free time, she enjoys writing instructional blog posts to inform students about various challenges they can face during their college years and how to successfully overcome them.


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