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Woke Scout leaders BAN terms like ‘dinner ladies’, ‘man made’ and ‘Christian name’ as they rename ‘Chinese Whispers’ game ‘Broken Telephone’ to avoid causing offence to anyone

Scout leaders have issued a new woke style guide banning children from using the terms ‘falling on deaf ears’, ‘man made’ and ‘dinner ladies’.

Children will also be prohibited from using ‘maiden name’ and Christian name’ in a move to avoid causing offence to people of ‘all genders, religions, races and to those who live with a disability’.

Instead, Scouts are told to use ‘first name’ or ‘given name’ instead, while ‘previous name’ is preferred to ‘maiden name’ as it is an ‘outdated term’.

Also included is ‘school meals supervisors’ or ‘school dinner assistants’ instead of ‘dinner ladies’.

The document adds that Scouts, made up of children aged between 10 and 14, will now play ‘broken telephone’ instead of the traditional ‘Chinese whispers’ game.

And children are told not to use ‘down under’ to refer to Australia or New Zealand.

It comes as the Scout Association is already facing a backlash after introducing a ‘trans fun badge’ for members as young as four.

Youngsters were also offered a ‘bisexual fun badge’, a ‘lesbian fun badge’ and a ‘Pride fun badge’.

The woven designs feature rainbow or striped patterns behind the traditional fleur-de-lis symbol which was introduced by scouting’s war hero founder Robert Baden-Powell in 1907.

Tory MP Nigel Mills told The Sun: ‘It’s a real shame that even the Scouts are now getting involved in this woke madness.

‘They are the symbol of everything free and traditional. You expect them to let children live their lives — not suffocate them with this PC agenda.’

There are almost half a million youngsters in the Scout Association’s various divisions. Television presenter Bear Grylls is the Chief Scout, acting as figurehead of the organisation, while the Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Kent are joint presidents.

A spokesperson for the Scout Association said: ‘We’re proud to ensure that everything we do is as inclusive as possible and using the right language is part of that process.’

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