Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 3 July 2022

Agony of parents with children in the truly evil gender cult

When Anne’s 13-year-old daughter announced she was a boy, she wanted to explore the reasons behind her sudden change in identity and to get help from a psychiatrist.

But before she had even begun, she was too late. Her daughter’s school had socially transitioned her. They changed her name and her pronouns without discussing it with her mother.

Teachers at the West Midlands private school saw no harm in instantly affirming a belief that the mother believed was harming the teenager, and when questioned told her they would accept any identity the student chose.

“Somebody may want to be called a banana one day and if that is going to make them have a safer Tuesday, then we will do it. If on Wednesday they want to be a table, then it is our job to make them feel safe and included at that moment,” the teacher said.

Anne’s daughter has Asperger’s, and she believes she is responding to traumas in her life, including the damage that has been done to her mental health by the pandemic lockdowns.

“My daughter needs help, she doesn’t need to change her identity every day. I would do anything to protect her, but I have been treated like I am her enemy,” said Anne.

I feel like my child is dead, but I don’t have a grave to go and cry over.”

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