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Vernon Coleman – Hospitals Told: ‘Starve Foreigners to Death to save Money’!

Can you imagine the fuss if that headline appears in newspapers in Britain? Can you imagine the screams of fury that would come from all quarters?

It isn’t true, of course.

But the headline is true if you replace the word ‘Foreigners’ with the words ‘Old People’.

For years, it has been official, policy in hospitals to starve the elderly to death to get rid of them.

Sometimes it happens with the approval of doctors.

Sometimes it happens because nurses make the decision.

But it is now a common practice in hospitals.

Food and drink will be put on the table of a patient who is weak and unable to feed themselves. The food and drink will be placed just out of reach of the patient and thirty minutes later or so will be removed with the comment: ‘Not hungry, then?’

Gradually, the patient becomes weaker, goes unconscious and dies.

This is not the same as the Liverpool Care Pathway (which involved the withholding of treatment from patients deemed to be dying) or the Do Not Resuscitate notices handed out so freely these days (which mean that a patient is denied treatment if they fall ill).

The aim of the policy of quiet starvation is to get rid of elderly patients who may be temporarily or permanently disabled, who need a lot of nursing and who cannot look after themselves very well.

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