Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 July 2022

Ukraine War Crimes Exposed: Civilians Executed, Robbed & Shelled


American military veteran and independent journalist Patrick Lancaster continues exposing war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) as the war with Russia proceeds.

In the last two weeks, Lancaster has documented the UAF shelling civilian neighborhoods, robbing citizens and even executing them.

An extremely graphic video uploaded Wednesday shows a rotting corpse allegedly belonging to a Ukrainian civilian killed by the UAF.

Lancaster explained the body had been decaying for at least several weeks, but the Russian forces had only gained control of that territory days before.

The gruesome footage allows viewers to clearly see three bullet holes in the skull of the deceased person, whose head was wrapped with a plastic bag before being executed.

“This had to happen during the time this territory was controlled by Ukraine forces,” Lancaster told the camera. “So, it appears that Ukraine forces arrested this civilian man, put a plastic bag over his head, wrapped duct tape around his head and executed him and left his body to rot underneath this bridge.”

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