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The Suicide of Europe: The use of the word “racism”

Mass migration is not, as it seems, an organic emanation of humanity from poor countries, but a calculated project to repopulate the territory of the declining West, with racism its chief instrument, wrote John Waters.

In a two-part series titled ‘Europe’s Death Rattle’, John Waters explores mass migration with reference to Stephen Smith’s book ‘The Scramble for Europe: Young Africa on its way to the Old Continent’.

Part I discusses – as the culmination of a long-time plan – a global calamity of food scarcity, due to Covid measures and ‘sanctions’, which will cause record numbers of mainly African migrants to enter Europe seeking food.

As Waters’ articles are longer than most would read in one sitting, we are breaking Part II, headed ‘Open Borders, Shut Mouths’, into shorter sections and publishing them as a series titled ‘The Suicide of Europe’. This article is the third in our series.

The use of the word “racism”

The chief instrument of this ruse is the use of the spell-word ‘racism’ to intimidate the indigenous populations of Europe into silence in the face of their own obliteration. In this process, the word is used as a cultural cattle-prod to humiliate and punish those who dissent or protest, isolating them from their fellows as examples of nefarious defenders of past injustice and wrongdoing, and purported continuing harmful discrimination.

It is an objectively astonishing thing that the fear of being sanctioned with this word is sufficient to outweigh even the inevitable consequences, which include the loss of just about everything Europe has achieved, promised and stood for, as well as the personal cost, which amounts to the existential and metaphysical homelessness of the successors of each European currently answering to that categorisation.

In the past decade and a half, this process of humiliation has been greatly assisted by the existence of a profoundly corruptible system of telegrammatic and instant messaging, by which the contrived ‘sentence’ of — purportedly, but not really — public opinion could be transmitted at degrees of speed and multiplication as to become unanswerable.

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