Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 July 2022

Children Need to be Taught to See Through The Lies

I was listening to the latest news report that 2021-2022 was the worst year ever for fraud victims in the U.K. – losing £1.3 billion, with the number of incidents increasing by 27% from the year before.

I suspect that even this figure is a significant underestimate because of the reluctance of many to admit and report it. Businesses, relationships and livelihoods can be ruined and, for some, recovery may be impossible. I listen to news with a large tablespoonful of salt but this report actually seems wholly credible.

If there is one thing that the last couple of years has taught me, it is that the public have become poor at risk evaluation, too lazy to question decisions that have the potential to be life-changing for them, too trusting and generally complacent in analytical and critical thinking.

A recent Daily Sceptic article by Professor James Alexander outlines his grand theory that the current three active bodies in contemporary political civilisation are populism, wokeism and liberalism. The following are Collins English Dictionary definitions of each. Populism “refers to political activities or ideas that claim to promote the interests and opinions of ordinary people”. Wokeism: “Behaviour and attitudes of people who are sensitive to social and political injustice.”

It seems to me populism and wokeism are driven more by feelings and subjective theory rather than logic, shrewd experience and pragmatism. The third, liberalism, is defined as “belief in gradual social progress by changing laws rather than by revolution”. But the Collins definition of revolution is “a successful attempt by a large group of people to change the political system of their country by force”. So there now appears to be more of the population sensitive to injustice, wishing to promote a social empathy via liberalism. This only highlights the further illusion of societal progression because it is actually a small group of powerful elite that are fuelling this ‘revolution’ or, as I prefer to call it, fraud – a moral and intellectual equivalent of the £1.3 billion lost this last year.

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