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JK Rowling in freedom of speech war with Twitter over trans op man’s story of regret: Harry Potter writer re-tweets posts after social media giant removes harrowing account of gay man suing NHS over irreversible gender surgery

JK Rowling has backed a young British man in a freedom of speech row after Twitter deleted his account of how he was ‘castrated’ during gender reassignment surgery that has prompted him to sue the NHS over the operation in a historic legal action.

The man has claimed that doctors did not warn him of the drastic outcome of the body-altering surgery which has left him infertile, incontinent, with no sensation in his crotch and feeling like a ‘sexual eunuch’.

He said on Twitter: ‘The minute I woke up from surgery, I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.’

‘I cannot believe they [the NHS] were allowed to do this to me. I was not even asked if I wanted to freeze my sperm, or have kids in the future.’ He does not want to be named because he is ashamed of how he looks. Instead, he tweets under the pseudonym TullipR.

Campaigners say that it is the first medical negligence case over NHS transgender care in this country. The NHS trust involved has not been named.

Many of his tweets describing his ordeal were deleted – but in a show of support JK Rowling shared them with her 13.9million followers on Twitter.

Sharing the harrowing details of the case, Ms Rowling claimed they were removed after reports from other Twitter users. The author’s intervention gained thanks from TullipR, whose case has been taken on by lawyers in Liverpool.

MailOnline has attempted to contact the social media firm to confirm why the tweets were deleted in the first place.

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