Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 June 2022

Mass-Murdering Psychopath Pfizer CEO ‘Almost Certain’ Americans Will Have To Take New ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines ‘Every Year’

Americans will have to take updated COVID mRNA vaccines “every year” as new variants continue to emerge, according to Pfizer-BioNTech CEO Albert Bourla.

When asked on MSNBC Wednesday if Americans should expect to take a new COVID injection every year, Bourla replied he’s “almost certain” that will be the case.

“I’m almost certain about it. I say ‘almost certain’ because, of course, regulators have final say in all of that. But that’s the beauty of mRNA,” Bourla said, adding that his company can “adapt” the vaccine “just by changing the sequencing.”


“For this reason, I’m very confident we’ll be able to respond very very fast to every new variant,” he added.

Notably, Bourla sang a different tune in March when he claimed his pharmaceutical company was pressured into producing mRNA COVID vaccine technology, which he “questioned” because the technology was “counterintuitive” and “was a technology that never delivered a single product until that day, not vaccine, not any other medicine.”

Even more chilling, Bourla bragged at the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos meeting in May that Pfizer was working on an ingestible “biological chip” that would track and monitor an individual’s internal processes, which would determine if they received updated vaccines.

“So imagine the applications of that – the compliance. The insurance companies know that the medicines patients should take, they take them,” Bourla boasted.


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