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The Future Is Now: WhiteBIT, New Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange

Blockchain technology evolves over time, opening up new opportunities and perspectives in the field of financial technology. It is crucial to follow these changes and provide the crypto community with a high-quality and constantly evolving product that keeps up with modernity.


The WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange platform is such a product. The exchange, founded in 2018, has raised its daily trading volume to 1 billion in just a few years, and the number of platform users exceeds 2 million. Why do traders from all over the world choose WhiteBIT? Read this article and find out!

Top-Notch Security

First of all, this trading platform is famous for its security. WhiteBIT is in the Top 3 most secure exchanges according to and in the Top 2 according to the independent Hacken audit. The secured signing-in is ensured by two-factor authentication and Face ID or Touch ID when using a mobile app. Users can also set the time for automatic log-out.


A secure withdrawal is carried out after sending a verification code to e-mail. To ensure that users are sending funds to a safe crypto address, WhiteBIT offers an AML check procedure. It can show if the indicated addresses are involved in criminal activity. In addition, you can create your own whitelist of addresses that you trust.


Identity verification (KYC) on WhiteBIT is also worth mentioning. It takes no more than 24 hours but usually goes much faster. You need to spend no more than 5 minutes filling out the form and sending documents, but then you will get access to operations with national currencies and the withdrawal limit of 100 BTC a day. If you choose to remain as anonymous as possible, you will still be able to carry out cryptocurrency transactions and withdraw up to 2 BTC per day.

Advanced Trading Opportunities

On WhiteBIT, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using two trading interfaces: Basic, an easier one for beginner traders, and PRO Trade, a more complex one for experienced users. There are also 450+ trading pairs and 6 types of orders available on the platform.


The crypto exchange provides users with excellent conditions and tools to trade cryptocurrencies and does not forget to expand these opportunities. So recently, the leverage of margin trading, which is also present on WhiteBIT, has increased to 20x. Along with it, now you can choose its size and multiply your profit.


Another positive is that WhiteBIT charts are now available on TradingView, a technical analysis platform.

The Most Profitable Staking Conditions

Users who do not want to take risks in a highly volatile market can benefit from SMART Staking. It is a passive income option on WhiteBIT, which will allow you to receive guaranteed income in cryptocurrency just by holding it. The mechanics are simple: you deposit crypto to the selected plan and receive interest after its expiration.


Now, the exchange offers plans for 40+ cryptocurrencies. Their duration can be up to a year, and the interest rate can reach 30%. How does the platform provide users with such high profits? The answer is simple. The interest rates are backed by the funds from margin trading. So this passive income is totally honest and safe.

Revolutionary Cooperation with Projects from Different Niches

Definitely worth mentioning are WhiteBIT’s unique and diverse partnerships.


lifecell. The unprecedented cooperation of the cryptocurrency exchange and the mobile operator will bring a number of benefits to users of both services. Already now, lifecell subscribers can use the WhiteBIT app without paying for traffic.


FACEIT. This collaboration will allow the players of the FACEIT esports platform to participate in unique events and receive rewards in cryptocurrency.


Diia. Cooperation with the Ukrainian portal of public services allows Ukrainian citizens to complete identity verification in just two clicks.


United24. WhiteBIT’s processing system WhitePAY has become a partner of United24, the initiative of the President of Ukraine to raise funds for military and humanitarian support, as well as the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Summing Up

WhiteBIT is a new generation crypto exchange that is rapidly developing and strives to give its users maximum opportunities in the crypto world while providing them with solid security.

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