Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 June 2022

Paris Suburb Rocked by Brawls Between Migrant Uber Eats Drivers

A large group of migrants from Afghan and Turkish backgrounds were involved in two inter-ethnic brawls in Paris, once again highlighting the French capital city’s problems with multicultural integration.

“The first brawl between the two groups of migrants took place on June 10th in the town of Mantes-la-Jolie in the suburbs of Paris and was followed up by a second brawl the next day between around 20 migrants from Afghan and Turkish backgrounds,” reports Breitbart.

While riot police struggled to restore order, a dozen migrants wearing helmets armed with crutches besieged a local kebab restaurant at 8:45pm in the evening.

After authorities were eventually able to make some arrests, two Afghans who work as Uber Eats drivers said the assault was a revenge attack for the brawl that took place a day earlier.

“I was eating at the terrace with a friend,” said one migrant involved in the brawl. “We had ordered and were waiting for our dishes. The fight broke out. It happened very quickly. But I have nothing to do with these guys. What if I hit someone? Yes, it is an inappropriate gesture. A blow in the anger of those I had received.”

Two of the Afghans involved received a 6 month suspended sentence for their part in the fight, while a third man was hit with a 500 euro fine.

“Migrants make up a large share of those employed as food delivery drivers for companies like Uber Eats and other services in France and elsewhere in Europe,” writes Chris Tomlinson. “Illegal immigrants with no permission to work in France have also been found working as delivery drivers, with a report from neighbouring Belgium claiming illegals made up the majority of drivers in Brussels.”

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