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Woker Gary Lineker who has never seen an official story he didn’t believe is the very epitome of a moron who think he’s intelligent: Angry Gary Lineker lashes out at ‘climate change deniers’ and promises blocking spree. Any time you want a live public debate, mate, give me a call

A raging Gary Lineker declared war on climate change deniers on Thursday night as he vowed to go on a blocking spree.

Earlier in the day the Match Of The Day presenter, who is becoming increasingly known for his forthright opinions on social media, had quoted Netflix’s breakout Leonardo Di Caprio film Don’t Look Up as she shared a withering warning on the state of the Earth.

He put out the tweet after reports of imminent new temperature records in the UK and across Europe, with highs of 34C expected in some parts of the country.

In Yorkshire, the mercury is tipped to hit 29C in areas like Sheffield while Leeds and Huddersfield will still enjoy a balmy 27-28C.

The former Leicester City legend wrote: : “Another heatwave over Europe and elsewhere. Records broken year on year.

“We’re like a cancer patient who knows there’s a tumour, but prefers to ignore it and hopes it goes away, even though it gets larger everyday. #DontLookUp”

Don’t Look Up, starring Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio and Jennifer Lawrence, tells a story of a meteor hurtling towards earth which rapidly becomes a political football despite the planet’s days being numbered, and ultimately touches on issues surrounding the capitalism, social media and the environment. The breakout hit has become an international sensation for streaming platform Netflix.

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