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What will happen to my crypto if I die

Cryptocurrency has given multiple opportunities to its users to earn i9mmense profits and gains. Many people have started to view digital currency as a mode of investment where they can invest their funds and enjoy the returns they would receive over the initial investment. As with every investment that you start as an option, what will happen to your investment if, unfortunately, you go six feet under. However, any such rules and policies are not set for your investment in digital currency. Here, if your vital details are present with any of your friends or family members, they can easily access your account. If you are thinking to invest in Bitcoin here you need to check the essential knowledge related to Bitcoin for newbies.


The inventors and traders in computer currency must understand that they should consider this currency as their asset. And they should d take extra care of its security. If you have stored the digital currency in your cold wallet that is your hard drive, you must store that drive very safely as then anybody can alk into your room and can very easily steal all your hard-earned funds. Therefore, you must be aware of how you can transfer this digital asset to your loved ones when you die. 


  • Make your computer currency secure but accessible.

People who swim in the ocean of digital currency often store their cryptocurrency in two types o wallets. One is the cold wallet, and the other is the hot wallet. The hot wallet is the wallet that is available on the online platform of your digital currency from where you usually carry out your trading and investing. On the other hand, a cold wallet is a wallet where you store your cryptocurrency in an offline mode, such as a hard drive. So, people should usually store around eighty percent of their computer currency in a cold wallet, as advised by the experts. These hard drives should be stored in the safe that is heatproof or in the locker of the banks.


Moreover, you should also have the pin required to access your hard drive and the cryptocurrency. But never make the mistake of storing your hard drive and the pin in one place altogether because then you can say goodbye to your funds forever. So, keep your cold wallet safe and make it accessible so that your loved ones can get their hands on the pin, and then they can use the funds or continue trading. 


  • Make a detailed plan

Every human being has their will; thus, name a beneficiary in your will’s document when you create your will. Moreover, mention a document with a list of all your cryptocurrencies that you own, along with the passwords and the instructions to find your cold wallet and its pin. This is how you can keep your loved ones informed regarding the digital currency you own in a very legalized manner. Moreover, if you have any hot wallet over the crypto exchange, your beneficiary can contact the customer care of that particular exchange and notify them about your death. The authorities might require the proper documents before transferring the fund or closing the account. 


  • Update your plan

If you have created a well-panned plan and a will, you must keep it updated. Especially if you go through very intense changes in your life, such as divorce or marriage, the beneficiaries should be updated regularly so that you don’t miss out on anything. Moreover, your cold wallets also require maintenance. It requires periodic firmware updates to stray up front all the time. If you stay consistent in taking care of your estate and your will ten after you, your family doesn’t have to go into any issues. 


So, if you want to leave a fortune or at least something that can support your family and your loved ones after you are gone, use bitcoin or any other digital currency so that they have financial support. They can remember you even after you are gone. Therefore, digital currency is one of the best options for investments.

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