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‘Vaccines’ that Spread Like a ‘Virus’

If you thought the technocrats had given up on their dystopian dream of “vaccinating” everyone and everything on the planet you’d be wrong.  They are designing, or possibly already have designed, “vaccines” to spread from one person to another — just like viruses themselves — rather than be injected into each individual “to trigger an immune system response.”

If that were the case, it would mean perhaps only five per cent of the UK population, or three million people, would need to be “immunised” reported the Daily Mail. And everyone else – people who have chosen to be vaccine free – would then “catch” the vaccine as it spread rapidly across the country in airborne droplets passed on via close contact with others, “just as colds and flu already spread.”

Around a dozen research institutions in the U.S., Europe and Australia are already investigating the potential for self-spreading vaccines in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the research is on animal-to-animal or animal-to-human spread, with human research so far focusing on whether the idea is safe in principle.

The research is being subsidised by high-profile funding organisations, including the U.S. National Institutes of Health (the country’s main medical research agency).

To make a transmissible vaccine requires finding ways to package the virus or bacteria so it can be easily transmitted from one person to another, but without causing serious illness.

One of the most advanced projects [using self-spreading vaccines], [is] funded by the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, [which] is looking at ways to protect U.S. military serving in West Africa against Lassa fever.

The vaccine that spreads immunity by passing itself on like a virus: Researchers investigate potential for self-spreading, needle-less inoculations in wake of Covid pandemic, Daily Mail, 22 February 2022

There are two options to achieving their “vaccine” that spreads like a “virus.”  Both involve genetically engineering a pathogen and administering it by either injecting it into people or people inhaling it.

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