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The most expensive NFTs

NFTs have been in the culture of investment for a very long time. It was first introduced in the year 2015. However, it rose to the throne in the year 2021. It stands for non-fungible tokens. These tokens are arts, and expensive articles are sold and bought over the exchanges and later stored in the blockchains. Apart from this if you are interested in Bitcoin trading you need to know the amazing features of Bitcoin.


NFTs are in trend now, and there are many such tokens bought and sold over the exchanges. However, some have been ruling the list and are very expensive. Any trusted trading platform can help you out in purchasing such NFTs. Mentioned down below is the list of NFTs that are very expensive.


  • The Merge


The Merge is an artwork by Pak, and it is one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold over the exchange. The price of this NFT was 91.8 million dollars. This is a record as a living artist sold it, and it is a record itself. It was made public over the nifty gateway, and it was purchased by twenty-eight thousand and eight hundred and ninety-three investors, and around three lakh units were sold. 


The demand for this token was so high that the price of this token was increased by twenty-five dollars every six hours. The starting price tag for the Merge was five hundred and seventy-five dollars; however, the increase in price every six hours proved it to be one f the best investment by the traders who bought it. 


  • The first five thousand days


Since the time NFTs have been in trend, people have become more inclined towards it and are earning immense profit out of it. Similarly, another high grossing NFT recorded in history is The first five thousand days which is the collage of five thousand individual NFTs by Beepels. Beeples created this series for his everyday series, and he later made a collage out of them, which turned out to be one of the most expensive NFTs. 


The NFT was sold for sixty-nine million dollars, sold at Christie’s Auction house. 

Surprisingly this NFT was sold to a programmer based in Singapore, Vignesh Sundaresan. He has been into trading cryptocurrency and has made millions out of it. Moreover, Vignesh is the first individual to purchase such an expensive on its own. Even you can check out this artwork online over the browser. It is available on a metaverse art gallery and is available for everybody to see. 


  • Clock 


The clock is one of the most unconventional NFTs as it was created to raise funds for Julian Assange’s defense. He was falsely accused and imprisoned in 2019, and for his defense, this NFT was created. Moreover, if we talk about this NFT, this depicts the time since the time Julian is in prison. This NFT was sold for fifty-six million dollars and was bought by ten thousand supporters of Jullian. The creator of this NFT is anonymous and is working under the name Pak. moreover, he refused to reveal his identity as he served his purpose of raising the money for Jullian’s defense. 


  • Human one 

This NFT is very creatively made and is also owned by Beeple. This artwork is of an astronaut depicted as if he’s walking, and the background keeps on changing over time. The functionality is in the hands of Beeple and can update the background of this NFT over the period. 


When asked where they got their inspiration to create such a marvelous and expensive NFT, they mentioned that TV was their inspiration; it was the experiment of bringing together various TVs of different shapes and patterns to create this masterpiece. This NFT was sold for twenty-eight point nine million dollars in 2021. This NFT falls in the category of digital/physical hybrid artwork; therefore, people went all crazy over purchasing this NFT. 


  • Beeple’s Crossroad


When this NFT was sold, it was considered the most expensive NFT old by Beeple. This token showcases a figure lying on the ground, which symbolizes Donald Trump after his defeat in the 2020 elections. It was sold for six point six million dollars, and the most amazing thing about this NFT was that it was sold before the elections were conducted and would change according to the election results.


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