Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 17 June 2022

Mentally-Deranged Michigan Attorney General Wants a ‘Drag Queen in Every School’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has called for there to be a “drag queen in every school.”

Yes, really.

Nessel made the comments during a civil rights conference in Lansing after she has falsely claimed that critical race theory being taught in schools is a hoax.

“You know what’s not a problem for kids who are seeking a good education? Drag queens,” said Nessel.

“Not only are they not hurting our kids, drag queens make everything better!” she added.

“Drag queens are fun! Drag queens are entertainment! And you know what else I’ll say that was totally not poll tested? A drag queen for every school!” Nessel said as the crowd cheered and applauded. “That is what would be fun for the kids and lift them up when they are having emotional issues!”

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