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Human-Animal Hybrids: the Government’s Horrifying History of Chimeric Experiments

Legends of chimeras have existed throughout history. Centaurs, mermaids, and reptilian humanoids illustrate the literature of our distant predecessors. However, society is now standing at an unprecedented crossroads. Science fiction and reality are merging into an indistinguishable sector. In late May, the United States Senate made headlines after vetoing legislation prohibiting animal-human hybrids. Lawmakers gave mad scientists the green light to produce unconscionable breeds. Regardless of legality, these taboo Frankenstein-like fusions have taken place behind closed doors for decades. Here’s a look at some of the horrifying experiments executed by governments worldwide.

Humans with Animal Testicles Inmates at California’s San Quentin Penitentiary underwent heinous surgical procedures. Dr. Leo Stanley wanted to reduce criminal behavior and sterilize test subjects. To achieve his diabolical goal he intentionally mutilated patients’ scrotums. Unsuspecting prisoners had their testicles removed without any anesthetic. Genitalia from pigs, sheep, and goats were attached to the maimed convicts. Over 10,000 men received these gruesome surgeries— countless died from complications.

Soviet Humanzees Russian biologists attempted to create a real-life Planet of the Apes. Ilya Ivanov, an interspecies hybridization specialist, obtained federal financing for the revolutionary ‘super soldier’ project. Female chimpanzees were inseminated with human sperm. Despite numerous attempts, laboratory technicians had no success in producing the highly coveted anthropoid. In 1929 Ilanov decided to conduct these studies using orangutans and impregnate human volunteers with primate sperm.

What ultimately transpired during his final venture remains a mystery.

Cow Blood Transfusions Amid World War II, an esteemed Harvard School of Medicine professor was contracted by the US Department of Defense. Navy-funded biochemist Edward Cohn engaged in a secret assignment involving bioweapons manufacturing. The university lecturer injected 64 Massachusetts state prisoners with liters of beef blood. Since antigenic irritants in bovine serum cannot be purified, the incarcerated faced irreversible health repercussions. Recipients suffered from catastrophic side effects and many succumbed to their injuries shortly after the transfusion.

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