Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 June 2022

It’s all a Lie – Government reports prove Cost of Living Crisis & Travel Disruption is being done on purpose to advance ‘The Great Reset’

Planes, trains and automobiles. All three of these things are constantly being talked about in the mainstream media at the moment alongside a cost of living crisis, war in Ukraine and an alleged monkeypox outbreak.

Flights are being cancelled left, right and centre ruining planned holidays for thousands. Trains are about to come to a halt in the UK thanks to a “spontaneous” national rail strike. And the average person can just about afford to get to the end of the forecourt after filling up thanks to the spiralling cost of the price of fuel.

Whilst on the face of it, these things may seem like unfortunate events occurring at random, the truth is they are actually all occurring by design, and official government reports alongside historical data prove it.


Well, reports suggest it’s all to do with meeting ‘zero carbon targets’. But that is another charade in itself, so the real reason has something to do with advancing the fourth industrial revolution, where you will own nothing and apparently be happy about it. An agenda that Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum likes to call ‘The Great Reset’.

Over the Jubilee bank holiday, which coincided with many schools’ half-term breaks, 750 flights leaving the UK were cancelled, according to aviation data firm Cirium. Meanwhile, around 466 return flights were axed.

Although cancellations made up a small percentage of total flights, many passengers were only informed at short notice and faced long queues to check in bags and get through security.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media are advertising the fact workers at British Airways are voting on whether to walk out over pay, while wage talks between Ryanair and cabin crew unions in Europe appear to have reached an impasse.

All of this is heightening people’s anxiety about whether these problems will continue into the summer season, and it is putting people off travelling abroad.

For example, Jess Baker, who spoke to BBC News, says that she has been put off travelling abroad this summer after a recent “nightmare” 18-hour journey home from Iceland.

She, her husband Shaun and their two children had their EasyJet flight into Luton cancelled recently.

They were given the option to travel home three days later but needed to get back sooner so paid £1,000 to fly into Glasgow with Icelandair. They shelled out an additional £340 to hire a car to drive down to Luton to collect their own vehicle.

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