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How to solve the logistics issue for the owner-operators truck drivers?

Owners-operators face a lot of difficulties every day. The delivery was late, the invoice was lost, the money from the client didn’t come, and you need to go for a new route. All this creates local problems, which then become global. 

Read this article and find out what things you are missing out on and how to solve the most common problems in logistics.

Delivery delays

A lot of things can happen on the road. A truck breakdown, traffic jams, an incorrectly chosen path. At a minimum, you may get sick on the road and not be able to drive a truck. This all leads to the risk of late delivery of the cargo. For the owner-operator, this means the loss of customers and money. 

Loss of invoices 

This happens — you can forget them, make them wrong, lose them. Because of this, you risk never getting paid for your services. 

What to do? 

Hire a truck dispatcher, they advise here. And we agree with that. This specialist will solve many problems of the owner-operator. For example:

  • the dispatcher makes up the path himself, taking into account the possibility of getting into traffic jams and accidents;
  • he monitors the weather conditions so that the cargo isn’t late due to poor road conditions;
  • he communicates with customers and reports on possible delays and expected arrival dates of the cargo;
  • he stores all invoices and sends them to clients/brokers. 

The truck dispatcher does many more small but important tasks. This will relieve the owner-operator. You will only have to enjoy the road and manage the company. A specially trained specialist will take care of everything else.

To run a business successfully, it is essential to be able to delegate authority. If you give the solution to logistics problems to a professional, you will have more customers and more time for really important tasks.

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