Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 13 June 2022

The 4 Tiers of Authoritarian Behavioral Control and The Value of Your Unique Mind

“The enemy is the gramophone mind, whether or not one agrees with the record that is being played at the moment.” ~George Orwell

Behavioral modification and behavioral control are essential to the kind of social control sought by the technocratic fascist takeover of planet earth, currently underway. The controllers absolutely cannot tolerate protest, dissent or even abstention from their insane agendas, and so it’s necessary for them to ensure that individuals are unable to express contrarian viewpoints. Their plans simply won’t fly without mass obedience, or at least the perception thereof.

If you won’t automatically just go along with whatever authoritarian roadblocks are tossed into your path, you must be singled out before you create a ripple of dissension among the hive.

And so the cage to contain you is taking form.

Advertising, public relations, propaganda, Hollywood, TV, mainstream media, celebrity culture, and influencers comprise the first tier of social control. These entities serve to ubiquitously present an example of what behavior, ideas and beliefs are required in order for you to blend in amongst the herd. They shape your behavior through repetition, constantly informing you of what is accepted and expected, and your subconscious mind gets the message loud and clear.

The second tier is official censorship, corporate censorship, and cancel culture, which all aim at outright silencing dissenting viewpoints.  As a bonus, this tier is multi-dimensionally effective. There are those people whom are directly censored and/or booted off speech platforms (like ourselves here at Waking Times), plus the additional compounding effect of self-censorship, which is the semi-conscious self-regulation of one’s speech in order to conform to perceived current norms and standards, and to avert risks of doing so. I discussed this in detail in a 2018 article entitled, George Orwell Warned us of the Most Dangerous Type of Censorship – And It’s Happening Now.

The third tier, emerging before our eyes, will involve the use of advanced technology, AI, machine learning, and algorithmic monitoring of your speech in public, and eventually in private, in order to silence you immediately and mete out instant retribution for vocalizing wrong-think. I’m writing this piece right now because I noticed a recent article from France 24 entitled, Dutch clubs to deploy ‘smart technology’ to fight fan racism, which is a clear demonstration of what tier 3 will look like.

Here’s a quote from that…

“Three top Dutch football clubs are taking part in pilot projects using smart technology including artificial intelligence to identify and fight racist behaviour by fans, the country’s football federation announced Wednesday….

At PSV, which is closely liked with Dutch technology giant Philips, cameras and sound equipment are to be used to measure fan engagement at matches “with feedback directly to the fans to motivate them and sing along.”

Computer programmes using artificial intelligence will be able to pick up objectionable shouts and alert human officials who can watch a replay, the KNVB said.

At Zwolle, in the country’s east, visitors will go to games with their tickets on their phones, accessible via a mobile app, which, among other things, will be able to give supporters real-time information about safety conditions around the stadium.” [Source]

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