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B2B Ecommerce Platform Challenges to Watch Out For

Today, more people are shopping online than ever before. Therefore, the call to sell products online cannot be emphasized more. It is even more important for B2B companies to focus on selling online because they can cross borders. Fortunately, over 60% of B2B transactions start online today and many are done across the borders with China, US, and the UK dominating these markets.

Running a B2B has many challenges that an entrepreneur or the digital providers must overcome to run the businesses successfully. Regardless of which side you are on, it is important to know the challenges and perhaps their best solutions.

B2B Merchants Should Update Products Regularly

One of the biggest challenges for merchants is to keep up with the competition on a multivendor B2B ecommerce platform. They need to keep updating their product pages with new products, updated prices, discounts, marketing messages, and the like. A little slumber may mean losing customers to other sellers on the platform.

With a well-organized team that is equipped with relevant tools, it is possible to keep up with the competition and make more sales by the end of the day. All you need is a strategy to stay afloat.

B2B Buyers Want a Smooth Marketplace

A B2B marketplace is where buying and selling occur. The buyers want a smooth web shop or shopping cart where they can peruse products and select what they want easily. The challenge goes to the ecommerce solution providers and entrepreneurs who must provide a great user experience.

So, what makes a marketplace great for B2B customers? According to Virto Commerce, which is one of the trusted ecommerce platforms, the best areas to work on include clear products description and photos, responsive search and filter options, and a working payment solution.

Flawless Payment Solution

In this era where hackers are all over, providing a flawless payment solution for a B2B business is not easy. But it is possible when you get the best financial institution to do it. One of the easiest ways to build a reputation among your customers is to assure payment security.

Every B2B ecommerce platform should focus on creating a safe and secure payment environment for the customer. Modern payment processing apps are more secure because they consistently update and get security patches.

The Need for More Integrations

For efficient services, the B2B ecommerce platform must adopt a lot of integrations. ASP.NET ecommerce platforms can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 solutions and more. However, no integration can be enough to create a perfect ecommerce environment for B2B.

These platforms keep looking for more and better solutions to integrate with, which come at an extra cost to the users. As a user, you need to pick what is most useful for your business among the hundreds of integrations and plugins.


There are many challenges that face both B2B ecommerce platform solution providers and merchants. Some are handled with ease while others require complex processes and dynamic solutions. Addressing them with care and the attention they need brings a lot of success in B2B operations.

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