Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 10 June 2022

Banned Book Club – Bruce Fenton – Exogenesis – Coming Tonight to Ickonic…

Banned Book Club is a series that talks to alternative authors and discusses the controversial topics they write about.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson says: ‘Every burned book enlightens the world’. In other words, if someone is trying to delete a book, you know the information it contains is important. With the online cancellation of books and writers becoming modern day book burnings this Banned Books series sets out to see what’s between the pages of these controversial works so you can make up your own mind.

In this opening episode, we speak to Bruce Fenton about Exogenesis. His book explores the possibility that humans were created by alien engineers. He references a wealth of published scientific knowledge proving the existence of extraterrestrial interference on this planet and makes us question why the scientific community refuses to research this unexplored part of our history.

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