Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 June 2022

Important Water Alert & Call to Action

As plans and agendas intended to control the flow of natural resources begin to take effect in our lives, it’s important that we understand our natural and inherent rights as Children of God and how best to stand up for them. One of these is our right to freely access clean water, which we actually have a proven abundance of.

“Water must be free for sustenance needs. Since nature gives water to us free of cost, buying and selling it for profit violates our inherent right to nature’s gift and denies the poor of their human rights.” ~ Vandana Shiva

Many governments around the world have in lock-step developed their own “Climate Action Plans” (“CAPS”) and these now being rolled out around the world, and already negatively impacting some counties here in the USA. We shared the following news about this in our recent article 7 Ways to Harvest Water from Air:

For example, here in Arizona, an entire community is being completely cut off from the city of Scottsdale water supply. We talked to one of the agents there who told us directly that this cut off is happening so they can adhere to their designated “Climate Action Plan” which requires them to reduce water usage by a targeted time. And California also just adopted new, tougher water restrictions. In addition, a district in New York has “mandated” strict new irrigation “rules” in which they claim they have the right to prohibit resident’s watering their properties to only in between 10am and 4pm. A county in Nevada has put out a notice limiting residents to watering on designated “assigned days” only. These actions are planned country-wide but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be successful. We all have important roles to play if we want to maintain any real liberty in our lives; learning how to become responsible for our resources is one of them. At the very least, we should be holding those meant to serve us accountable.

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