Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 8 June 2022

Covid’ fake vaccines could be fatal for more than one in a 1000 over 75s, data shows

The age distribution of non-Covid excess deaths in the U.K. and Denmark in 2021 was skewed heavily towards the elderly – the very group, of course, that all the Covid restrictions and vaccinations were meant to protect. Importantly, this means that any calculation of vaccine mortality rate needs to allow for the concentration of excess deaths in older people. Once this is taken into account, the estimated vaccine mortality rate in the over-75s exceeds one in 1,000 doses or 0.1%.

Following on from my recent article, which examined the correlation between cumulative vaccine doses and cumulative non-Covid excess mortality (NCEM), I further examined the age distribution of those fatalities.

One reader of my earlier article pointed out that in the Danish data there was no excess mortality in 2021 for any age group below 60. This seemed significant, so I examined the U.K. data to see if there was a similar trend, and found there was, albeit not quite so marked as with the Danish data

Below you can see the 2021 non-Covid excess mortality data from both countries, presented as percentages of the population for ease of comparison.

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