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What Klaus Schwab, WEF and WHO Reveal About Genetic Engineering

A couple of days ago we published an article about a study, an experiment really, where CRISPR-Cas9, a gene-editing tool, was used to manipulate behaviour in hamsters.  Contrary to what the researchers were hoping, the experiment “developed” vicious hamster monsters that turned on littermates of the same sex. 

In our previous article we asked the question: would they do this in humans?  And now we ask: could they, in other words, do they have the ability to modify human behaviour through genetic re-engineering?

Keep these questions in mind as you read, and watch, the following.

Klaus Schwab’s Genetic Modification

The clip below is an excerpt from a 16-minute interview by Charlie Rose on 13 November 2013.

Rose asked Klaus Schwab: “You want to talk about in this year’s [Davos] conference, in January, mastering the fourth industrial revolution.”

Schwab responded: “If you look into the future, there’s so much going on in technology.  It’s a real revolution … Our life, the pattern of governing societies, will be so much affected with what’s going on in research in innovation … look at big data …”

Rose: “And look at things like artificial intelligence and robots.  Look at things like gene editing, opening a whole new horizon for medical science”

Schwab: “You see the difference of this fourth industrial revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing.  It changes you, if you take a genetic editing, just as an example.  It’s you who are changing. And of course, this has a big impact on your identity.”

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