Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 June 2022

Death by government and doctor is happening all over the world – an Italian example

Hi Gareth,

… I watched your dad’s videocast about the NHS killing our
loved ones. Well, as your dad keeps on saying, unfortunately this is
happening everywhere. It just happened to my family in Italy last

My dad, 83 years old, had a stroke on Monday. He was old, but he has
been a sport enthusiast all his life. He played sports every single
day of his life for hours till he was over 70s. He was also a trainer,
always running and playing with his team. In short, he has been active
during his own life. Until a few days ago he was walking every day. He
never had heart issues and we don’t have any heart condition history
in the family. Till Monday, when my story starts and sadly finish like
many we heard from your dad and others.

On Monday he was admitted at the hospital due to a stroke. Of course
they tested him with the fake test.

He survived the stroke and when I spoke to him on Monday night he
sounded OK, tired, but OK. (side note: I live abroad therefore I was
only able to talk to him by phone).

The fake test came out positive (of course!). Because of that they
postponed the heart surgery to Thursday and told my family that he
wasn’t going to make it.

In the meanwhile, my brother and sisters were only able to see him
once a day for 30 minutes. I told them that wasn’t right as there
isn’t a law stating that families can only visit their loved ones 30
minutes per day and only one at the time, but they didn’t listen.

On Wednesday my younger sister went to see him and he was asking for
food. She told her he didn’t eat since Monday. She asked the nurses
the reason why and they told her that they will give him something to
eat later. She waited for a while then she went to ask again. Needless
to say, the nurses were very unpleasant and treated her like a
nuisance. She started putting her feet down and told them that she
would have fed him herself if needed. They finally gave her some
mashed apple and told her to go and feed him. This is disgusting. But
it gets worse.

On Thursday he had heart surgery but it didn’t went well (what a
surprise). They gave him morphine (another surprise…not) and who
knows what else. At the end of the day, his family wasn’t allowed to
be there for long.

He died on Friday night with my brother and sisters once again only
allowed to go into the room one by one for a few minutes.

My younger sister (the only one who understands how things really are)
told me that for the whole week the hospital was basically empty. She
said it was like those creepy, empty hospitals you see in horror
movies, with that eerie atmosphere. Nurses and doctors were
practically impossible to find. One afternoon the only person she
managed to talk to was a guy who was cleaning the floor.

She also added that since he was admitted to the hospital he got
thinner and thinner.

During the whole week I warned my family several times about the
killing procedures, (because that’s what it is) but my older sister
and my brother who were the ones managing the situation didn’t listen.
How could they? They have been ignoring my warning about the whole
fake virus for 2 years. I warned them about the danger of the death
jabs, trying to wake them up, but they always saw me like a lunatic.
And of course, they all got jabbed 3 times, the whole lot of them.

And there we are. I have no doubt my dad has been killed. Not only by
the jab, but also by the doctors and nurses in that hospital. The same
happened to my brother in law’s father in 2021. They took him away
from his nursing home because he was “positive” and after 3 days he
conveniently died at the hospital. But for my family I’m still the
weird one.

On top of all this I will not be able to go to the funeral because
tests are still required to enter the country and come back to where I
live. I will never get tested nor injected, no matter what.

No one deserves to die like this. I’m now telling everyone. Maybe it
will not help, or maybe some people will start thinking a bit more
before getting more crap in their body.

Please tell me that all these people who did this to the world will
pay for what they have done. All of them. From the elite and the force
behind it to the nurses, doctors, elite’s puppets, business owners who
asked for the Nazi certificate and supported this farce. From the
teachers who are still silent to all those who keep on supporting the
masks. And the list could go on and on. They will have to pay, all of
them. And I hope to be there to see it.

Thanks for listening. I apologise for the long email.
Thank you so much for what you and your dad do!

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