Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 June 2022

Cult-Owned New York Times Op-Ed Applauds Inflation As Means To Enforce Green Diet

Following a general trend of excitement among extreme leftists in media, The New York Times has recently posted an Op-Ed which argues in favor of the inflationary crisis facing the US and much of the world because it forces the public to go vegan and give up meat “for the greater good.”

Just as late night propagandist Stephen Colbert cheered for higher gas prices and suggested people buy a Tesla (a vehicle far outside the affordability of the majority of Americans) if they want to avoid paying $15 a gallon for gas, the NYT Op-Ed has a familiar stench of elitism.

The UN and many globalist foundations have been engaged in a war on the average person’s diet for many years now. A main pillar of the UN’s climate change agenda calls for the end of large scale farming and meat production in the name of reducing our “carbon footprint.”

Keep in mind that even the NOAA admits in their own data that worldwide temperatures have only risen 1 Degree C in the past century (with a margin of error of 0.23C). That’s right, 1 degree, and this is after climate scientists have made numerous “adjustments” to how temperatures are recorded for the official record.

Also note that the temperature record started in the 1880s. Whenever NASA or the NOAA says that a particular day was the “hottest day on record,” they are referring to a tiny sliver of the history of the Earth in which data has been “officially” collected. In reality, the history of the planet is replete with long term global warming events (far hotter than we are witnessing today), and long before man-made carbon was ever a thing.

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