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Covid’ Data from Around the World in One Day

Joel Smalley compares data for Sweden to Italy, Austria and Texas.  Dr. Paul Alexander compares data for India, South Africa, Portugal and Australia.  And Gerry O’Neill notices another set of statistics begins to “go south from the ‘Official Ireland’ point of view.”

Meanwhile, just a week ago Medscape reported that the NHS ‘needs 13,000 more beds’ to ease the pressure on emergency care.

Joel Smalley is a British quantitative data analyst, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander is a Canadian health researcher and Gerry O’Neill is an Irishman who has been writing counter-narrative articles for 7 years.

Sweden from Villain to Hero!

Sweden bucks the trend of post-vax excess mortality. Why?

I love the way that the people who decried Sweden’s light-touch approach to dealing with Covid pre-vax are now trying to use Sweden as the evidence that the mRNA injections are not necessarily the reason for super-excess mortality since they were introduced.

The suggestion is that the excess is mainly due to the negative effects of the interventions (as if that is somehow more acceptable).

One thing we can agree on is that Sweden has indeed not experienced anywhere near the levels of excess mortality post-vax. Compare these charts to Italy and Austria, for example:

Below is an images slider, click on the arrows on either side of the image or swipe to view the next or previous graph (6 graphs).

Given that the increases in excess deaths are closely correlated with Covid mortality, exemplified here in Texas, I think it is less likely that Sweden’s success is due to lower collateral harms of interventions.

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