Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 June 2022

Comment left for the Dot-Connector NHS mass murder exposure video

‘My mother who was 80, she was in hospital. I came to visit her with my stepfather. She was sedated and out of it. Above her bed I saw the notice “nil by mouth”. I said to my stepfather, is she having an operation, where he replied, I don’t think so. I then went to the nurse and said the same. She replied, no. I knew then, what their game was. I told my stepfather, let’s take her home, they’re killing her. Why do you think they have that sign there. It’s means she’s not to be given food or water. Her organs will then begin to break down and the nurse will say. She died peacefully in her sleep.
We had her taken home where she recovered. What I didn’t know, the welfare people were coming to their house and they were given her injections, where she died a few months later. If it wasn’t for programs like this. I would never had known what was going on.’

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