Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 June 2022

Killing old people – a personal experience

Hi Gareth, great shows & avid viewing thank you.

I had to send you this following [your dad’s] brilliant assassination of our “beloved” NHS.

This coming Tuesday my wife & I are attending a funeral for an elderly relative of hers, Dorothy, she was in her 90th year.
She had not been in good health for some time, but over the past year she was steadily deteriorating with heart & lung issues.
From last October she began her stays in Aintree hospital, even in there over last Christmas (that was her 2nd admission.)

I’d heard about the “3 strikes & your out for the elderly” so when she came out & was admitted again in mid January I was wary of the NHS protocol.
At the end of last January we went to visit her in hospital as we were told she was on end-of-life-care.

What I’d heard from your dad & guests on Right Now was visibly clear, at least to my eyes as she was in a room at the end of a corridor that when we went in was noticeably colder than the corridor itself. She was lying there almost lifeless with no drip, no medication & although they brought her food on a tray, she was in no state to eat it. Basically Gareth she was being starved & frozen to death – Nazi death camp protocol you could say.

Her daughter was with her & Dorothy was asking for blankets as she was cold & she wanted fish & chips as she was starving, so you see at that time she was in control of her faculties, but most of all she wanted to go home. I said to her daughter if she can go home to get her home, but the doctor was reluctant to discharge her as there wasn’t a “Care Plan” in place. Care Plan, what a laugh!

Anyway, credit to the daughter she managed to get her to her own home with a Care Plan in place, & although we all knew her time was nearly over, she remained alive until a couple of weeks ago – some extra 4 months of life when her daughter could spend with her.

My wife knew how I felt about the NHS & the murdering of the elderly & sick, but until she witnessed Dorothy in that end room, she thought I was crazy, as why would they do this as they are supposed to help people. After Dorothy came home, my wife asked me not to say anything about what was going on, so I’ve remained silent, but it’s so bloody obvious now!

Your dad’s show today brought it all back, so please will you pass on my thanks to him & this issue has got to remain high on the question list for the people who put this protocol into practice.

Many thanks, Peter.


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