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Open letter to Governor of Tennessee: The ‘Covid’ Mass Fake Vaccination Program Must Be Stopped Immediately

Joel Smalley has analysed data from 3,095 US counties and is now publishing a series of open letters to State governors. He requests: “If any of you has a way of getting this message to [your governor], please help if you can. Thank you.”

At the time of writing, Smalley had published the following open letters:

Joel Smalley was suspended last week from posting on his Twitter profile for sharing his analysis of Covid data from 3,095 US Counties as it “violates Twitter rules” but this has in no way deterred him and continues to get the message out on his Substack.

Open letter to Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee

Comprehensive analysis of all-cause mortality in Tennessee proves the Covid mass vaccination program must be stopped immediately.

Governor Lee,

I recognise and commend you for your actions combatting federal overreach with respect to Covid mask and vaccine mandates by signing restrictions into law.

However, the Tennessee mortality statistics prove that the mRNA injections lead to more deaths so they must be stopped altogether.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by being the first senior politician in the world to put an end to the administration of this disastrous, experimental product.

Here is the evidence you need – mortality analysis of Tennessee for the two years since the Covid epidemic started.

Each chart below, for over 65s and under 65s respectively, has four data time series:

  1. Excess Life-years Lost. This represents the number of excess deaths taken from US Mortality for each age group multiplied by the life expectancy for that age group according to the National Vital Statistics System.
  2. Covid Deaths. These are the deaths reported by the CDC Covid Data Tracker.
  3. Doses Administered. These are the sum of doses 1, 2 and 3 of the Covid “vaccine” for each age group, as reported by the CDC, divided by the population of that age group, multiplied by a fixed number to represent the metric on a “per population” basis.
  4. LYL Trend pre-vax. This is a simple linear trend derived from the excess life-years lost series between the start of the epidemic and the start of mass “vaccination”, extended forward to the end of the observation period.

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