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Spread a Little Scepticism

There follows a guest post by Daily Sceptic reader Veronica Richards, about her encounter with a vaccination clinic and a dentist and her efforts to spread a little scepticism.

Yesterday, having arrived early at the town twelve miles away where my dentist surgery is, I was wandering up the High Street filling in time when, to my disappointment (since I thought this kind of thing had wound down), I came across a large sign on the pavement declaring “Get Your Vaccine Here”, and a few yards from it a white wagon where the injecting took place, and a short distance from that, a tent where people presumably either waited or sat to recover (hopefully fully) from their Covid jab. However, apart from the uniformed team working on this project, there were no punters awaiting their services.

A man in a white coat stood in the doorway of the wagon. I approached him. “Have you seen the Yellow Card listings following these vaccines?” I asked in a rather stony voice.

“If I want, I can access them,” he replied, without much vigour.

Actually, I think he was probably a pleasant, sensitive man and he didn’t look at all well. His face was pale, there was red all around his eyes and he had a strained look, but I wasn’t about to give up. “Do you believe in ‘do no harm’?” I asked.


“Do you know about the pathologist who has done autopsies on a largish number of people who died within two weeks of being vaccinated? He said many of the deaths were caused by the vaccine and he wanted to organise more autopsies, but has now suddenly gone strangely quiet?”

“There have been over 50,000 people vaccinated,” stated the red-rimmed eyed man, as if that were an answer.

“Yes – and there are an increasing number of people around with badly compromised immune systems!” No reply came, and so with that I made off, wishing I’d remembered to say about the rising number of those with coronary problems.

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