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Merchant Account for Legal Business in Europe

The strict legal framework in the countries of the European Union makes it almost impossible to administer illegal business for foreign companies. An entrepreneur needs the MID or Merchant ID to have the right to conduct merchant operations. But how to get it with all the complexity of the registration procedure? For that, one must obtain a merchant account with an acquiring bank, which is not easy as well. If you knew how fast the Maxpay payment gateway incorporates your business into the EU legal structures, you would trade in Europe on an equal footing with other companies for a long time!

Open Merchant Account with Unique Opportunity to Incorporate Your Business into Legal Structures of EU

By opening a merchant account at Maxpay, you get additional services that will be useful for your company. One of the most important is the legal incorporation of your business with a merchant account on the platform. Maxpay cooperates with different jurisdictions inside the EU and has highly qualified specialists who will assist you at all stages of this process.

Steps to Follow for Opening Legal Entity and Merchant Account in the EU

What seems difficult and even impossible for business companies from abroad is very easily and quickly carried out by professionals from Maxpay For successful incorporation of your company into EU legal structures and maintaining your merchant account, the platform offers assistance in the following steps:


  Task Assistance by the Maxpay Team
Step 1 Registration
  • Preparation of all legal documents for registration.
  • Representation of your company’s interests in government structures.
  • VAT registration.
Step 2 Obtaining a bank online account
  • Preparation of necessary documents, taking into account the specific requirements of banks.
  • Cooperation with more than 30 banks in Europe.
  • Representation of your interests. 
Step 3 Receiving the MID and a business permit
  • Maintenance of your merchant account with the receipt of multiple MIDs.
  • Organizing all the accountability required by EU financial institutions.
  • Accounting services and the possibility of auditing.
  • Organization of office space online.

Additional Opportunities You Get with the Maxpay Merchant Account

Besides opening an IBAN account to safely transfer money to all parties involved in your business, you will receive numerous other offers from the platform:

  • Various business plans to help promote your company in the EU economic space. You will be offered a choice of four business plans, two of which provide a free bank account. Three of these plans will allow you to incorporate your business into the legal structures of the EU absolutely for free.
  • VMPI and Ethoca Alerts provide a solution to protect your merchant account from chargebacks and friendly fraud.
  • Opening multiple accounts if you run businesses in different industries.
  • Advanced risk management software to protect your merchant account from different types of scams.

If you need a bank online account to run a legal business in Europe, your best bet is to turn to the Maxpay payment gateway. You will receive not only fast and efficient assistance with 100% results but also many other features to run a transparent and secure business.

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