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Midazolam, morphine and death: The truth – By Jacqui Deevoy

THIS time last year, I had the privilege and misfortune to be in possession of quite possibly the biggest news story in decades. It was – and still is – quite possibly the biggest scandal in living history.

But it was story not a single national newspaper would touch: the truth about the culling of the elderly in NHS facilities: thousands whose deaths were promptly hastened with ‘end-of-life’ protocols, all in the name of Covid, their lives snuffed out by lethal cocktails of morphine and Midazolam.

Within months of the first whistleblower coming to me, I had all the evidence. I went to the papers – to 28 editors. Tumbleweed.

I chased and eventually had two meetings. Both editors agreed that the story was front-page news. Then, after a bit of email ping pong… silence.

One editor has ignored all my follow-up emails for almost a year since. The other said he just didn’t really have time to deal with it. Something wasn’t right.

I really didn’t want to go the alternative route but I had to get the word out. Two websites and several internet radio and TV stations gave me a platform but it was the people who read the papers and watched TV that I wanted to reach.

So I turned the story into a film: ‘A Good Death?’ It premiered in December 2021 and is one of Ickonic Media’s most-watched films, having been seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. But it still wasn’t reaching the people I wanted it to reach.

Five months on, enter Maajid Nawaz. As an ex-LBC presenter, he was the nearest to mainstream I felt I was going to get. After a two-hour meeting with him, we put together a special programme called ‘Allegations Of Involuntary State Euthanasia Using Midazolam’.

Within 24 hours of its broadcast on Sunday May 29 2022, the show had been watched by more than 7,000 viewers and social media was awash with clips from it.

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