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7 Ways to Harvest Water From Air

There are several very dry regions in the world today where water is quite difficult to access. In fact, a majority of the world’s population lack essential resources and simply do not have the ways and means to drill a well, much less a primary water well. Thankfully, there are numerous alternatives that give people the ability to access water and this is possible even in the desert and other regions with extremely low levels of precipitation. Some of these inventions go back to ancient times, while some are more modern requiring technical applications.


Since primary water is usually encased under thick layers of bedrock, it generally requires a large dual rotary rig equipped to drill through rock and the costs for this can range anywhere from $5,000-50,000 depending on the depth of the well being drilled. Obviously, many people today cannot afford this, and certainly not those living in already impoverished conditions.

Fortunately, there have been some wonderful individuals like the recently passed Pal Pauer (RIP Jan 2022), founder of the Primary Water Institute, who dedicated his life to helping those in the greatest need find water:

“Over the past six or seven years, Pal has generously shared his considerable experience, skills and knowledge of primary water with the staff of Global Resource Alliance to the great benefit of tens of thousands of rural villagers in the Mara region of Tanzania in desperate need of clean, safe water. He trained us in every aspect of the work from locating potential water sources to the most effective drilling technology and techniques. If faced with the challenge of locating and developing a reliable source of life giving water in any region of the planet, there is no one in the world I’d rather have by my side than Pal Pauer. ‘

–– Lyn Hebenstreit, President, Global Resource Alliance

Meanwhile, here is America, the government is actively working to intentionally limit the use of water supplies as a response to the engineered “climate crisis”. Many counties have already experienced “water mandates” and “water restrictions”.

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