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Outdoor rattan furniture, how good is this material?

When decorating your garden, patio or terrace, it is important that you look for information about the outdoor furniture that you are going to use. There is a wide variety of materials, so you will most likely wonder which is the most suitable for this space.

In this article you will find information about outdoor rattan furniture that will help you know how good this material is.

Choosing the right material

There is a wide variety of materials in outdoor furniture, bamboo, aluminum, wood, wicker, plastic and rattan, the latter being one of the most used for the manufacture of this type of furniture. Due to its versatility, aesthetics and resistance, it is increasingly common to find rattan furniture; Whether in its natural or synthetic form, it is a very recurrent material in outdoor decoration. To help you, we recommend Costway Furniture, the best company providing various rattan-based furniture.

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It is a type of root that has historically been used to make garden furniture. This root is woven taking advantage of a structure until a piece of furniture is obtained.

Natural or synthetic rattan

It is important that you know that, despite the fact that the appearance of natural and synthetic rattan is almost identical, the latter is the most recommended when buying garden or terrace furniture. For this reason, when looking for rattan outdoor furniture, you will surely find that synthetic rattan furniture is more common, because it offers greater benefits both to you as a buyer and to the furniture itself, guaranteeing greater durability without the need to take care of it from time to time. Synthetic rattan is usually woven on an aluminum frame (or other outdoor resistant material), to form a garden furniture that is much more resistant to outdoor use than natural rattan.

Benefits of synthetic rattan

It is a high-quality material because it perfectly withstands being outdoors, it is not affected by extreme temperatures and also does not crack, split or stretch when wet, so it is very resistant to rain, salt water and other environmental factors.

Among its other benefits are also:

– They do not require maintenance

– Availability of colors and shapes

– Flexible and durable

– Easy cleaning (can be washed with water)

– You can customize them

– Light

– They look natural

– They are ecological (recyclable)

Thanks to these qualities you will not have to cover your furniture during the months of extreme weather or when you are not using it, so your rattan garden furniture can be outdoors all year round.

Synthetic rattan has shown total resistance to weather and sun, it hardly deteriorates in outdoor environments and it will not be necessary to put a cover on your furniture or give it specific maintenance. For its part, natural rattan has fewer benefits than synthetic rattan because its durability and resistance capacity is very limited, although it is also widely used for outdoors because its fibers are almost impossible to break and easy to adapt to any shape. 

And design?

The most advisable thing is to place synthetic rattan furniture for the garden, they are more resistant to inclement weather and come in different colors and shapes; You won’t have to sacrifice quality for design. Acquiring rattan furniture will give your outdoor space a lot of personality and a unique style since, despite being a material that has been used for many years, you can find current designs that will give your terrace a modern touch. Are you now interested? Don’t miss it because on Costway Day, you can buy a variety of quality rattan furniture with lots of discounts!


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