Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 May 2022

Surveillance Cameras Use Software Designed by Big Tech That Considers Everyone A “Potential Threat”

A recent Fox 5 New York article revealed how Big Tech and law enforcement are working together to identify people who could be a “potential threat” by using artificial intelligence (AI).

The article describes how private businesses can use Actuate AI to transform every surveillance camera into a predictive AI monster that threatens everyone’s freedoms.

In a matter of seconds, after the employee is visible in the office space, a surveillance camera in the room goes into action. 

A green flash pulsates across the monitor set up in another corner of the room after the video management system recognizes a potential threat in the room.

“As you can see it’s pulsing green within about a second or two. That means an alert has been registered,” says Actuate CEO and co-Founder Sonny Tai. “Our AI model has made a detection and sent an alert to video management systems.”

What they failed to mention is how Actuate-equipped surveillance cameras are constantly surveilling and IDing people and objects.

The article goes on to explain how “a used car lot or a construction worksite using Actuate’s software could be programmed to notify the police when a person walking by a fence can be flagged as being suspicious. It could be at a used car lot or construction site at night with cameras programmed to notify when a suspicious person walks near a fence. The Actuate technology is currently being utilized by 20,000 cameras across the country including at schools, college campuses, construction sites, and used car lots.”

Actuate’s Public Spaces link reveals how building mangers can secretly flag tenants and visitors as “suspicious”, effectively turning apartment/condo buildings into police department substations.

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