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The Evidence is in Plain Sight – ‘Covid’ Injections Are Dangerous

Steve Kirsch has recently sent off eight different surveys to his readers to get a sense of what the reality is out there. What he found was consistent with everything he has been saying for more than a year now, namely, the Covid “vaccines” are too unsafe to use and especially deadly for children.

“The blue pillers would argue, ‘That’s a biased survey because your readers are all anti-vaxxers with an agenda’. Oh really? Great hand-waving argument, but where is your evidence that the responses were wrong? If you are a fact-checker or work at HHS, I’m happy to give you the full data under NDA so you can actually look at the data BEFORE you make your accusations. After all, that should be the proper order, right? Evidence before accusation?” Kirsch wrote, “I am also happy to discuss the survey results on a live video call that is recorded and streamed. After all, I have nothing to hide.”

Kirsch invites any vaccine expert who believes they can successfully argue any of the points he made in his article to a recorded discussion with him “where you prove, with evidence, that [he’s] wrong.”

Here is a summary video of the two most recent surveys I did which show the vaccines increase cancer, cause excess deaths comparable to Covid deaths, and dramatically increase miscarriage rates.

If you only watch one video this year, that is the one to watch.

Also recommended is another 17-minute summary video that has the highlights from 8 surveys I recently did earlier.

The surveys are of my readers and some people believe my readers give biased results to these questions. Of course they do. All surveys are biased. That’s why you should repeat these surveys yourself with your friends.

The point of this article is to summarise the results to date from my readers. Even with biases, it would be hard to overcome a signal this large.

For example, how do you explain an embalmer where over 90% of her cases had severe blood clots if the vaccines are perfectly safe. How do you explain that? The survey results need to be consistent with reality.

If people weren’t dying, I’d wait for the survey results on a broader audience (which we began on 23 May 2022 using a third party polling organisation). The precautionary principle of medicine compels me to publish these preliminary findings now.

The preliminary findings from these polls show:

The vaccines have already killed about the same number of Americans as Covid has.
For kids 5-11, the 5-11 death report data indicates we are killing 336 kids for every child we might save from COVID if the vaccine was 100% perfect in protecting against death.
The second shot is the most dangerous and appears to increase all-cause mortality (ACM) over the next 30 days by approximately 8X, the first and third shots raise ACM by approximately 6X and 4.8X respectively. Even to me, this seems too high to believe, but that’s what the numbers say.
It appears that the true number of Covid deaths, vaccine deaths, and annual deaths from heart attacks are relatively comparable with each other (within a factor of 2) since January 2020 to the present. This suggests that only around 700,000 people actually died from COVID and a comparable number from the Covid vaccines. This is in line with our VAERS minimum estimate of excess deaths caused by the vaccine: 12,000 VAERS excess deaths in the US * 41 (the minimum under-reporting factor) = 492,000 deaths which we knew was a minimum.
For people who did not die, if you have cancer before the shot, 55% of the people had their cancer got dramatically worse after the shot. In 20% of the cases, the cancer remained the same. Nobody’s cancer got better after the shot. 0%. That is really stunning. How will the CDC explain that one? Check it out, especially the comments to the poll.
Miscarriages aka spontaneous abortions increased dramatically since 2021. Over 80% of the women who miscarried were vaccinated. This should not be a surprise at all since VAERS shows the #1 elevated symptom post-vaccine is heavy menstrual bleeding which is elevated at 8,800 times normal. We’ve known that for a long time, but the CDC won’t admit it. Don’t take my word for this. Check out this Gab poll I just did.
The VAERS under-reporting factor for deaths could easily be 100 or more. Of the vaccine deaths that were reported, fewer than 1% were reported to VAERS. However, not all these people were familiar with all details of the death. What we can say is that it appears that at least 0.7% of all deaths and vaccine-related miscarriages were reported to VAERS. None of the 15 deaths of kids 18 and under was reported to VAERS. In other words, the VAERS URF for deaths is highly likely less than 142.
These are all estimates, but the numbers are so absurdly high that even if you factor in survey biases, nobody should be taking these vaccines, especially kids. It’s unethical.
All surveys have biases and confounders. We are certainly open to hearing from anyone who thinks that they have a more accurate survey or analysis method. Instead of shooting holes in the survey, it’s more constructive to show us the “right” way or the “objective” audience for the survey. In order to attack this research, you need to attack the data or the methodology or both using data to prove we got it wrong, not hand-waving arguments.
This work will never be published in a medical journal because it is counter-narrative. Starting on 23 May 2022, it will be “peer-reviewed” by hundreds of thousands of people who will be looking for an error and they will post it here. Check the comments if you want to see the “peer review.”

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