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Golf Holidays in Spain

Golf can be played in many ways. At a higher level, it is played competitively, and results are based on how well each player performs. Golf can also be played casually or with a group of friends and enjoyed either way. The goal is to make your way around the course, getting the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. Golf can be played alone or with a company, and there are usually two formats – stroke play or match play. Whatever your choice, golf brings people together both at large gatherings like tournaments and on a more personal level in private sessions between just one or two persons.

Most people like to play golf, and it is a great sport that allows you to catch up with friends and work away improving your game. The problem is, where do you go to play? Do you go to the local golf course, or do you travel to a place that combines the sport you love with a holiday? Many golf vacations will allow you to play a few rounds, like Golf Holidays in Spain, have a nice meal, and relax in a beautiful location. Spain is one of the best places for a golf vacation.

Our company has always been one that puts the customer first in line. We are very transparent with all clients, so they know exactly what they’re paying for. So we make sure that every service we provide is worth it, which is why we tailor our packages to fit your needs so you won’t feel as though you need to be doing any double work on your end to ensure a great trip. So whether you want to kick back at one of Spain’s top resorts such as Hotel President or Hotel Alfonso XIII, hit up Puerto Bonus for its buzzing nightlife or take on the well-noted golf course Valderrama for the Andalucía Masters, our team of experts is on hand to ensure you find the ideal Spanish Golf package.

Best destinations for Golf Holidays in Spain

Spain is famously known for its Costa del Sol, the Murcia, and the Costa Blanca, but not many people know that there is a fourth Costa, home to some of the best golf resorts in Spain. So you can get to the Costa de la Luz and the Costa de Almeria from the Costa del Sol in less than an hour by train. So we’ve rounded up the best places to go golfing in Spain.

  • Costa del Sol
  • Costa Blanca
  • Canary Islands
  • Murcia
  • Costa De La Luz

No 1) Costa del Sol

The Costa Del Golf is known for being the golfing capital of Europe, with constant attention to its world-class courses and luxurious golf hotels. Over the past few years, this idyllic stretch of the landscape has made several reinventions to cater for the needs of today’s discerning golf holidaymakers.

No 2) the Canary Islands

Just off the northwest coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a paradise for golfers. The idyllic setting & endless sunshine have led to the development of several luxury golf hotels and championship golf courses. Whether you’re an avid golfer or seeking another warm-weather destination for your next holiday, come on to the Canary Islands!

No 3) Murcia

Located on Spain’s gorgeous southeast coast, Murcia is home to multiple world-class resorts and luxury spas. Providing a scenic backdrop full of natural beauty with the mountains on one side and the Mediterranean on the other, Murcia is an ideal destination for a luxurious golf break in Spain, where you can play at some of the best championship golf courses around.

No 4) Costa De La Luz

Between Europe’s golfing giants, the Costa Del Sol and Portugal’s Algarve is a distinctive destination known as the Costa De La Luz in eastern Spain. Natural beauty plus warm weather has created a world-class golf area in its own right. The same benefits of attractive coastline and sunny weather are ideal for golfing in southern Europe, but with more affordable prices on lodging & food compared to other popular holiday spots.

No 5) Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca was blessed with a spectacular micro-climate. More annual hours of sunshine than anywhere else in continental Europe make it ideal for enjoying a year-round golfing and sunbathing vacation destination.

Final Words

Golf can be played in many ways, but at a higher level, it is played competitively, and results are based on how well each player performs. Golf can also be played casually or with a group of friends and enjoyed either way. Therefore, it is essential to have fun, as you are playing the game first.

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