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Renovate your lifestyle at home by installing Water Filters

You might have heard of using water filters in the past but later opted out of it because you thought it was a major inconvenience. The truth of the matter is that water filters are quite easy to install. It is a big DIY step if you want to renovate your house, improve your lifestyle and reduce water costs by buying many bottles. Their principle of working is quite simple but effective.

What water filter should I use?

Depending on your needs and requirements, certain kinds of water filters might suit you more than others, and certain water filters filter certain kinds of pollutants. It is important to know what water filter to buy (Dutch: waterfilter kopen) to treat your water with. For Example, sand or dirt might accumulate due to poor city water filtration systems. If so, using a mechanical filter might be suitable for your household. This is because mechanical filters do not allow larger pollutants such as sand to pass through. On the other hand, you might taste a weird chemical taste in your water. This might be coming from the disinfectant chemicals used to purify the water or rusting metals from the water source. In this case, activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis might be your best option. Reverse osmosis filters could also be your best bet if your main concern is to clean your water of any harmful bacteria or parasites.

Installing water filters

There are water filters which can be installed directly onto the faucet or under the kitchen or bathroom sink. It should be noted that water filters usually come with a pre-filter that serves the purpose of protecting the main filter from odd bodies that might enter the system. After assembling your system and its pre-filter properly, the first step is to fit a drain saddle, which should drain away the filter’s waste. It is advisable to make sure that the drain has enough space to not clog the filtration system. The system usually comes with an inlet feed valve, which should replace the cold water valve in the sink. Once the system is connected, unscrew the filter’s cap and attach the pre-filter and tighten with teflon tape. The Next step is to reset the storage tank so that it isn’t too far from our faucet. Once the pressure is as desired, screw in all the different parts of the filter properly.

Other water filter systems do not require any installation and do the job only by filling the water filter can (Dutch: waterfilterkannen). Fill the can with water from your water system, wait for a while and you are ready to go to drink filtered water. 

Whole house water filter

You might need to filtrate more than just your kitchen or bathroom sink. If this is the case, a whole house water filter should be chosen, which connects directly to your main water supply, should suffice. The working principle is not too different, as you have a similar pre-filter involved made up of woven fabrics that catch odd bodies. The main filter is also made of activated carbon similar to the smaller filters. The way it is installed is that the main waterline is closed so that the water passes through the filtration system. The pipes are soldered into the main valve to redirect the waterline. The pre-filter is easy to replace every once in a while as it merely requires replacing the woven fabric. 

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