Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 24 May 2022

Remainers in meltdown over Union Jacks

The Jubilee weekend looms next month. For some, it’s a chance to toast the monarchy; for others, simply an extra day off work. And for a small minority of Twitter-crazed loons, it’s yet more proof that the UK is goose-stepping down the path of fascism. For the unfurling of Union Jacks on London’s Regent Street, ahead of next month’s celebration, is proof to some of Boris’s more hard-of-thinking critics that a totalitarian regime is in the offing.

After images of the UK’s national flag were posted online this morning, a hardcore band of diehard Remainiacs went into something of a meltdown, furiously tweeting their rage to such an extent that the phrase ‘Nazi Germany’ was the second most ‘trending’ topic on Twitter this morning. The only phrase that topped it was – ironically – ‘#MondayMotivation.’ Leading the pack was broadcaster India Willoughby who declared that ‘When the Queen dies, wouldn’t be surprised if Boris appoints himself Fuhrer and assumes total control. That’s how close I think Britain is to Nazi Germany.’

Close behind her was Professor Paul Bernal at UEA who suggested ‘the only things that are missing are the tanks.’ And after one pro-flag Twitter user suggested that ‘all streets should be looking like this, all the time,’ infamous ‘Stop Brexit’ activist Steve Bray hit back that ‘I think Nazi Germany tried it once !!!’ Stay classy, guys.

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