Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 20 May 2022

The sheer arrogance of London Mayor Sadiq Khan is utterly breathtaking. Why Londoners vote in such numbers for this patronising prick who has absolute contempt for them beggars belief – have a look at this …

The Conservatives have accused mayor Sadiq Khan of being the “rudest man in London”, in a video compilation of his responses to London Assembly opponents over the past two years. In a clip released ahead of the first Mayor’s Question Time of the new City Hall session, the Greater London Authority Conservatives published a greatest hits of sniping between the Mayor and Assembly members.

Lowlights in the party broadcast include the Labour mayor accusing Assembly Member Emma Best of “bellowing”, telling the chair the member was “finished” and suggesting he’d like to be “more” patronising to her after she rebuked him. He also hit out at then-chair Andrew Boff in one tirade-laden session, saying: “Oh the chair’s woken up! Welcome chair. Thank goodness he’s woken up,” after accusing him of being overly-favourable to Conservative colleagues. But London Labour has accused the Tories who compiled the video of “childish attacks on the Mayor”.

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