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Those “Cheering for Ukraine” Are Cheering for The Slaughter of Ukrainians – and Others

“Our free press” has millions on “the left” ferociously supporting neo-Nazi thugs and pushing for an ever-hotter war that’s threatening all of us with nuclear extinction.

If we don’t know where we’ve been, we can’t know where we are, or where we’re headed.

The above is how Mark Crispin Miller began a brief article on Substack in which he listed various articles relating to things known about Ukraine that corporate media or “our free press” will not acknowledge or publicise.

Mark Crispin Miller is an author, Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University and founder of News from Underground.

The following sub-headings are the articles listed by Miller.  We have included extracts from each to give readers a feel for what each article is about.

How A Century of Political Violence in Ukraine Is Linked to The Atrocities of Today

The history of Ukrainian nationalist cruelty is an important factor, barely discussed, or known, in the West.

Troops shot in the legs screaming in pain. Others dying from blood loss and shock. With no one around to provide medical assistance. A Russian soldier crucified on an anti-tank barrier, chained to a metal ‘hedgehog’ and then burned alive…

For many, graphic footage of Russian servicemen tortured and killed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and nationalist battalions, came as a real shock. But this did not surprise those who are familiar with the ‘traditions’ of Ukraine’s ‘fighters for national freedom’, as they have more than a century of history in this sort of thing.

Perhaps the most horrific crime committed by Ukrainian nationalists was the creation of a prison in the refrigerator at the airport in Mariupol in June of 2014, which the jailers called the ‘library’. There, Mariupol residents were subjected to beatings, death by torture, and rape for even the suspicion of harbouring sympathies for Russia or the unrecognised eastern republics.

Read more about Europe’s first concentration camps, from the Volyn massacre to 1954, Maidan of hate, and the Ukrainian state and the Nazis in the Daily Telegraph (New Zealand), 12 May 2022, HERE.

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