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Pentagon releases new UFO footage and officials admit they don’t know what they are

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Mainstream explanation of Project Bluebeam – not so crazy now?? 

Among the many interesting trends that defined 2020, conspiracy theories seemed to really make themselves at home in the minds of Americans last year. One such theory that gained a great deal of traction on the internet this past year is Project Blue Beam.

While many of the most famous conspiracy theories, such as Pizzagate and QAnon, were born in the United States, Project Blue Beam actually seems to have started in French Canada.

In summary, the theory claims to reveal plans by the New World Order, a shadowy organization that conspiracy theorists love to assign responsibility for all sorts of clandestine agendas and strange happenings, to replace the world’s religions with one universal religion. Theorists believe that this is a preliminary step in the New World Order’s quest to establish a global dictatorship under their rule.

While evidence to support this theory seems fairly scarce and unverifiable, it’s worth looking into what exactly this theory is and where it came from. And although this theory seems quite extravagant and unlikely, even among other conspiracy theories, there are some plausible elements to the scheme that Project Blue Beam believers claim has already been set in motion.

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